The necklace!

The necklace!

Erik says:

I have created this page to tell my story. While working at SSENSE I experienced discrimination and slander based on my sexual orientation and religion. I was terminated from my position after ten months of dedicated service with no prior infractions, based on the slander of the same person whom discriminated against me throughout my employment. My goal is to have my friends, you, repost this, like this, post on their wall, post this on your friends wall, to get my story out there. This is an one of the biggest online High End Fashion Retailers out there and they need to know that they can not sit by, ignore this, and claim ignorance to any of this. Right now they are denying all of this to the Human Rights Commission Of Canada and instead of mediating to resolve this matter, they are insisting on an investigation, even though they know I have the burden of proof on my side. Please help me get the justice I deserve.

Fashion Blog.

I cannot believe it. I finally stumbled over a fashion blog where I actually like most of what I see.


I wouldn’t wear most of the combinations and creations myself. But she simply pulls it off right.

Fascinating and inspiring.